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Videos - see also YouTube channel "Sue Lilly"

Therapist's 101 - Looking after Yourself

Tapping in' or 'Thymus Tap' - Grounding and Centring   Video with Simon Lilly                       For grounding, aligning and centring, before and after any energy work

Cook's Hook-Up - Integrating                       Video with Sue Lilly      

 For focusing attention, integrating the hemispheres of the brain


Ear Rolls                                                             Video with Sue Lilly           

Helping to keep focused

Meridian Massage - Self                                Video Simon & Sue Lilly      

Meridian Massage for yourself

Therapist's 101 - Basic Techniques

Introduction to Dowsing                                Video with Simon & Sue Lilly  

Beginning to work with a pendulum

Introduction to Muscle-Testing                    Video with Sue Lilly           

Starting to muscle-test

Introduction to Self-Testing                          Video with Sue Lilly            

Different ways to self-test

Meridian Massage on Others                       Video with Simon & Sue Lilly      

Meridian Massage on other people

ICGT Precision Crystal Therapy Certificate Techniques:

Please visit the ICGT website: Click Here






Parts one and two of a workshop from the Crystal Enlightenment Conference Workshop:


Spiritual Development with Crystal Nets with Simon & Sue Lilly

Part 1: click here

Part 2: click here

Handout to go with the Workshop: Strategies for Personal and Spiritual Development  (PDF)
Layouts from the workshop at the 2016 Crystal Enlightenment Conference, Llandrindod Wells, Wales.

Preseli Bluestone: Healing Stone of the Ancestors

Video of plenary session at the Crystal Enlightenment Conference:

Preseli Bluestone: Healing Stone of the Ancestors       Preseli Presentation                           with Simon & Sue Lilly


The Drama Triangle/Karpman Triangle

1 of many: The Role of 'Victim'

From this link you can go on to explore the other roles - Persecutor, Rescuer.

Video on Chakras and Food:

Conscious Connections:  video here



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