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ICGT Qualifications in Precision Crystal Therapy

The ICGT Course is provided in 3 ways:

  • Certificate level (distant learning) which contains all the core curriculum of the Crystal Therapy Council (  CTC) , and is offered as a correspondence/email course, with a face-to-face practical assessment, videos and skype tutorials......see Corresp/Email Cert


  • Certificate Level (contains the core curriculum of CTC) as a tutored course


  • Diploma Level is an option for a further 10-12 days or an equivalent (in an intensive 5-days plus tutorials and assessments) of study, leading to the qualification of graduate of ICGT(Grad.ICGT).

ICGT allows accreditation for prior learning (APL), for those who have studied elsewhere, and provide flexibility in presentation of coursework (written, email, audio files, face-to-face questioning etc).

Costs: For tutored courses, please see 'Costs' page

1. Scientific Background

Crystal systems, crystal structures, chemical make-up, formation of crystals, basic geological theory.
2. Introductory Module
Tools of crystal therapy, developing personal sensitivity, attunement, choosing/cleansing crystals, visualisations,charging/programming crystals, pendulum dowsing, simple crystal layouts.
3. Chakras and Subtle Bodies
Chakra theory, assessment, meridians, subtle bodies, specific crystal techniques for healing these, basic self-testing.
4. Crystal Healing
Preparing self and client for crystal healing. Case histories, practice management (see also 5b and 5c), listening skills, dealing with healing crises.
5. Protection and Support
Maintaining personal energy integrity, strategies for identification when action is needed, environmental and geopathic stress, basic absent healing.
5b. Customer Care
Customer care general rules, Consultations, Keeping records, Contraindications, Data Protection Act, Sale of Goods Act , Trades Description Act , Treating Children, Advertising, Personal safety
5c. Health and Safety
Health & Safety, Local Authority BYLAWS, Local Government ( miscellaneous provisions), Health & Safety at Work act, Electricity at Work Regulation, COSHH, Consumer Protection Act, Hygiene procedures, Reporting injuries regulations , First Aid Box, Fire Precautions Act.


5d. Anatomy and Physiology - This is a homestudy course is available equivalent to 35 hours tutor-hours or ICGT accepts evidence of prior learning e.g. ITEC, VTCT, FHT, APNT, 'O'/A level Human Biology etc


ICGT specialises in teaching a wide range of techniques (over 40 in the ICGT Certificate course), from which the therapist assesses which are the most appropriate for that client, at that time. This gives a very precise way of working and produces healing sessions that vary with the same client and from person to person.

This course is based on the book 'The Illustrated Elements of Crystal Healing' that has just been reprinted as 'The Crystal Healing Guide'  2017 ISBN 978-0008221799 (Harper Collins)

Diploma Level:

6. Working with Colour & Crystals
Theories of colour, impact of colour on the body systems, colour coding in crystals, assessment using colour. Muscle-testing
7. Crystal Doorways (Nets)
Theory and methodology in the use of nets, development of personal nets.
8. Dealing with The Spine
Specialised techniques for dealin with the back and spine.

9. Dealing with Emotional Stress

Specialised techniques for dealing with emotional stress

10. Integration and Personal Goals

Specialised techniques for integrating energy and dealing with personal goals

11.Words & Crystals

Looking at beliefs and aligning them with crystals

12. Pendulums as Healing Tools

Pendulum healing techniques

13. Absent Healing

More on absent healing
14. Gem Essences
What they are, how they work, how they are made, other types of essences, guidelines for use, legalities.
15. Working with Solar System Energies
Basic astrological terms, identification and links to crystals, using personal astrological information as a key to crystal healing.
16. Private Research/Thesis
Students are encouraged to focus on area(s) that they find particularly stimulating and to undertake a research project that can be presented as a report.

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