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Downloads - PDFs

Research and Information from University of Plymouth:

1.Professor Hyland's research paper of Bach Flower Essences: Here

2.The research on TUTS1, from The Focus Fix Range by Green Man Essences: Here

3.Professor Hyland's ideas about how healing works and therapists......Here




For Students:

4.Self-Assessment forms: Here

5.Client's Assessment forms: Here



​Crystal/Essence Layouts - Looking after Yourself

If you feel that your energies have been compromised then these techniques, carried out one after the other will sort everything!

6.Dragon Points: Here -  Clears the aura and body of hooks and infiltrations

7.Carnelian/Etheric Net: Here - Takes stress and trauma from the body, repairs

8.Earth Net:  Here - grounds your energy back to the Earth, aligning muscles, bones etc


9.Amethyst Explorer Net: Here - this net is profoundly heaing but can also be used to explore other crystals.


10. Chakra Information:

Chakra Info: Here - general infomation about chakras

Root Chakra: Here

Sacral Chakra: Here

Solar Plexus: Here

Heart Chakra: Here

Throat Chakra: Here

Brow Chakra: Here

Crown Chakra: Here


11. Colour Information:

What is Colour: Here - explanation of what colour actuall is

Quick Colour Guide: Click Here - short overview of different colours

Red: Here

Brown: Here

Orange: Here

Gold: Here

Yellow: Here

Green: Here

Turquoise: Here

Blue: Here

Indigo: Here

Violet: Here

Pink: Here

White/Black: Here

Grey: Here

12. Casting Boards for the Crystal Healing Bible - free downloads

Recent copies of the Crystal Decoder and all copies of the Crystal Healing Bible

did not include the casting boards:

Astrology Casting Board: Here

Compass Casting Board: Here

13. Runes:

Here are pdfs of rune information that accompanies any rune items:


General Rune information: Here

Bifrost Runes: Here


Rune Wands: Here

Oracle Bowls: Here

Pocket Oracles: Here


English Rune and Bright Rune Cards - Information: Here

(This information is specific for but not limited to the Rune Card sets.

These sets are available from or direct from

the printers: here)




14. The Silver Dragon Meditation

This meditation is for connecting you to your surroundings.

Ideal when feeling that you don't belong or when feeling very stressed.

Silver Dragon Meditation: Here

15. Information about Preseli Bluestone:

Preseli Bluestone: Here

16. Life Energy Affirmation from John Diamond.

The original affirmations!

Life Affirmations :Here 

17. Green Man Essences


2023: here

Price lists:

Retail Price List 2023: here

18. ME & CFS Management Suggestions:

PDF Download

Guidance on strategies for dealing with ME and CFS for both therapists and sufferers.

19. The Magic of Water:

PDF download on the chemistry and properties of water

(presentation repeated for the BFVEA Conference March 2022)

20: Flower Essences Colours and Chakras:

PDF Download on this, first presented at The Flower Essence Conference

May 2022


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