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MCS Working with Astrology Course

(This is an email course.)

​The course guides you through a basic understanding of what astrology is and how it works.

The course is divided into modules that build gradually to enable you to assess or delineate a natal astrological chart and to apply that knowledge in areas that interest you.


Optional modules include learning how to hand-calculate a chart, taking a look at patterns in the future and applying astrological information to relationships and the soul path of an individual


The course has been written by Sue Lilly. Sue has been working as a professional astrologer, alternative therapist and teacher for forty years.


The original version of this course was adopted by the British Astrological and Psychic Society (BAPS) from 1995-2005 as their certificate course.

BAPS no longer exists, so successful completion of the course allws the person to say that they have completed level 1 and level 2, to consultant standard. Dip Astrol.MCS


This course is an updated version of that original one.

Each Module is assessed before the next is released and can be submitted by post or email.

Compulsory Modules

Module One
History of Astrology
Basic Celestial Mechanics

Module Two
Signs of the Zodiac - how energy works
Ascendant and Midheaven
Polarities, Element, Quadruplicities

Module Three
The Planets - what energy
Houses - where is that energy likely to manifest

Module Four
Planet Strengths, Rulerships
Aspects - how planets relate to each other

Module Five
Basic Assessment

Module Seven

Trends & Progressions: looking as possibilities in times ahead

These are the Optional Modules

You need to choose three of these to complete your certficate.

Module Six (Optional)
Hand-calculation of chart data: need a brain and a calculator for this one!

Module Eight (Optional )
Moon cycles and phases of the Moon; what drives you at an instinctive levels

Module Nine (Optional)
Relationship & Composite charts: how relationships work - or not!

Module Ten (Optional)
Solar Returns; birthday charts for the year ahead

Module Eleven (Optional)
TimeScales; 3-D ways of looking at the chart

Module Twelve (Optional)
Soul Path: spiritual direction and path


A registration fee of £ 25 is due on course application.
Each Module costs £ 25.

Please look at Booking Conditions

You can pay and register online:

Or you can complete the application form: Course Application Form   and post to us.

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