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The e-Crystal Certificate Course follows the Crystal Therapy Council (CTC) Foundation curriculum. It includes extra topics to bring a student up to the level of the ICGT Certificate course (videos, audios, skype tutorials, plus a practical assessment for UK students).

 It is available to anyone in the UK and beyond.

The Course:
The e-Course is divided into seven modules (plus Anatomy & Physiology for UK students).

This course is based on the books (these all have the same content):

'The Illustrated Elements of Crystal Healing' by Simon Lilly,

The updated version - 'The Crystal Healing Guide' £12.99, 2017 ISBN 978-0008221799 (Thorsons)

Available from Click Here

and Click Here

These are also available from us, direct:

For those in the USA - on

this one is another version:

                                                         Click Here


and another!:                                  Click Here




UK Students will need to complete a practical assessment by an ICGT or CTC tutor to gain the ICGT Practitioner Certificate.
Students from Kuwait/Bahrain will ongoing practical assessments through tutorials

You can start at any time and take as long as you like over each module

The Modules

Each Module comes with an information PDF and a workbook in MSWord (this can be a pdf if needed) and video and audio support.

The Modules are completed in order:

Module 1 - The Crystals Themselves

Topics: Crystal systems; Crystal structures; Formation of crystals; Basic geological theory.

Module 2 - Dealing with your Crystals
Topics: Choosing crystals; Cleansing crystals; Simple crystal layouts.

Module 3 - Dealing with Yourself (Personal Development)
Topics: Developing personal sensitivity; Attunement exercises; Visualisations; Pendulum dowsing.

Module 4 - Chakras and Chakra Layouts
Topics: Chakra theory; Chakra correspondences; Assessment; Chakra layouts

Module 5 - Subtle Bodies and Meridians
Topics: Subtle Bodies and Meridians - Theories and specific crystal techniques for these.

Module 6 - Protection and Support, Environments
Topics: Maintaining personal energy integrity; Strategies for action; Environmental, electromagnetic and geopathic stress, space clearing.

Module 7 - Working with Clients, Distant work
Client and Healing management; Case HIstories (5 people, three visits each), Well-being and stress, Distant Healing; Review

Module 8 - Anatomy and Physiology (mandatory for UK Students, not needed for non-UK students)
This is a pdf course equivalent to 35 hours tutor-hours

ICGT accepts evidence of prior learning e.g. ITEC, VTCT, FHT, APNT, 'O'/A level Human Biology etc

The whole course including activities is equivalent to 10-12 days study.

1-2-1 Support is available by SKYPE, FaceTime, Messenger, phone and email.

Cost (includes assessment of each workbook):

​This course is "Pay-as-you-go":

Registration plus module 1: £55/$71.50

Module 2 - 7 by email: £35/ $45.50 each

Module 8 (If required) by email £55/$71.50

(Dollar prices will vary a little as the exchange rate varies)

Register and pay - (see online shop:

Practical Assessment for UK Students

The practical assessment is carried out by an ICGT tutor or a suitably qualified person designated by ICGT.

The assessment takes up to a day and comprises an oral section, covering the topics from the course and a practical assessment covering the techniques covered by the course.
This also provides an opportunity for the student to ask for advice and guidance on the practicalities of working with crystals.


The cost of this assessment will vary, but is usually in the region of £80 - £100.


Practical Assessment for Kuwait, Bahrain Students

Mandatory practical tutorials are provided by Julie Lomas.

Julie will contact students when they begin working on Module 2 to arrange dates to suit.
There will be a charge for these tutorials, payment being made direct to her.

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