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MCS Nutrition Advisor's and Healthy Eating Diploma Course

This course provides a broad-based background in nutrition, ideal for therapists wishing to add a certificate in nutrition advice to their portfolio or keen parents wishing to stay abreast of current trends in eating.


The view taken is one from an energy perspective, so explores links with colours of food and chakras as well as the required topics. This makes the course ideal for healers and therapists.

It is available as correspondence/email course with tutorials on request.

The audio files linked to topics on this course are available. Please see the links at the bottom of this page.

The course is accredited by the Kinesiology Federation to their KNOS Nutrition Syllabus covering a minimum of 48 guided learning hours. (20+ CPD Points). It also includes lifestyle components as required by the Kinesiology Federation from January 2021.

The Course is presented in modules with workbooks. Module One is sent by post as it includes the textbook (the workbook can be emailed), Modules 2-4 are sent out by email.


Each module can be completed by email or post.

The Modules:

Module 1
Anatomy & Physiology of the digestive system, mechanics and chemistry of digestion (enzymes, metabolism, hormones), dysfunctions and diseases of the digestive system.

Module 2
Nutrients (Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, phytochemicals, EFAs etc), water, fibre. Anti-nutrients (sugar, additives, stimulants, enviromental pollution etc). The chakra system and digestion.

Module 3
Good diets, bad diets, fad diets, age requirements, weight management, diseases and dysfunctions linked to nutrition (diabetes, anorexia, obesity etc.). Emotional and psychological components of diet. Energetic effects of poor nutrition.

Module 4
Food quality, storage, processing. Food groups, supplements. The politics of food. Collective management techniques for topical issues (cholesterol, salt, fats etc). Subtle energy requirements for living in today's world. Drug interactions; case histories; client management; looking after yourself.


You can arrange 1-2-1 tutoring, at an additional cost.

Tutorials are also available by mutual arrangement.

Students studying as part of their Kinesiology Federation Professional requirements must have a tutorial at the end of the course.


£75 inc P&P for registration and Module 1 (Module 1 comes with a text book, so is posted out)

then £ 40 for each module 2-4 (These are sent out by email)

Total of £195

Booking Conditions: Click here

Register and Pay via the online shop:



Or you can complete the application form: Course Application Form   and post to us.


Audio Files

Module 1

Audio 1 - Physical Digestion from Mouth to Cardiac Spincter : Click Here

Audio 2 - Physical Digestion from Stomach to Ileocaecal Valve: Click Here

Audio 3 - Physical Digestion from Ileocaecal Valve to Large Intestine: Click Here

Audio 4 - Physical Digestion from Large Intestine to Anus & Questions: Click Here

Audio 5 - Fate of Foods (Chemical Digestion) from Mouth to Stomach: Click Here

Audio 6 - Fate of Foods (Chemical Digestion) from Pancreas onwards: Click Here

Audio 7 - Group discussion on intolerances and allergy: Click Here

Audio 8 - Conditions resulting from low levels on digestive enzymes: Click Here

Audio 9 - Nutritional disorders and food remedies: Click Here

Audio 10 - Conclusion of Module 1: Click Here


Module 2

Audio 11 - Introduction to Module 2: Click Here

Audio 12 - Amino Acids and Colour is the Clue: Click Here

Audio 13 - Fats and Fatty Acids: Click Here

Audio 14 - Foods, Colour and Chakras: Click Here

Audio 15 - Vitamins: Click Here

Audio 16 - Minerals (Part 1): Click Here

Audio 17 - Minerals (Part 2): Click Here

Audio 18 - Drugs and Alcohol: Click Here

Module 3

Audio 19 - Recap Module 2: Click Here

Audio 20 - Introduction to Good Diets, Bad Diets, Fad Diets : Click Here

Audio 21 - Hay, Atkins, Practical Dieting: Click Here

Audio 22 - Macrobiotics, Single Food, Detox, Raw Foods: Click Here

Audio 23 - Low Fat Diets: Click Here

Audio 24 - Ducan and Alkalising Diets: Click Here

Audio 25 - Pregnancy, the elderly and young children: Click Here

Audio 26 - Diabetes, Anorexia, Bulimia: Click Here

Audio 27 - Food Rotation, Homeopathics, Prana: Click Here

Audio 28 - Prana Indexing, Liquid Supplements: Click Here

Audio 29 - Weight Management, Comfport Food, Institutional Food: Click Here

Audio 30 - Weight Management 2: Click Here

Audio 31 - Overview allergies, Low prana: Click Here

Audio 32 - Intolerance, Prana Testing and fixing: Click Here

Module 4

Audio 33 - General Discussion: Click Here

Audio 34 - Introduction Module 4 -1: Click Here

Audio 35 - Introduction Module 4 - 2: Click Here

Audio 36 - Emotional Baggage and weight: Click Here

Audio 37 - Ayurveda & Element Balance: Click Here

Audio 38 - Marketing, Children: Click Here

Audio 39 - Giving Supplements Part 1: Click Here

Audio 40 - Giving Supplements Part 2: Click Here

Audio 41 - Digestive Herbs: Click Here

Audio 42 - Food Diaries and Additional Information: Click Here

Audio 43- Case Studies & the need for Pragmatism: Click Here

Audio 44 - Setting Client's Expectations & Course End: Click Here

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