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​MCS Nutrition Diploma/Healthy Eating Advisor Audios

Please find these on the Course page: Click here



Energy Visualisations with Simon & Sue Lilly

This collection of visualisations is also linked to several therapy courses we offer:

EV1: ‘Tree Roots’ helps you to ground and stabilise your personal energy. - Click Here

EV2: ‘Crystal City’ invites you to experience the four elements and explore a subtle level of awareness

                      with the opportunity for learning. - Click Here

EV3: ‘Centre-line Breathing’ allows visualisation and experience of the breath to calm energies at all

                       levels of your being. Click Here

EV4: ‘Tree Branches’ invites you to contact the planet  and the wider universe for self and planetary

                       healing. - Click Here

EV5: ‘Curtains of Light’ written by David Tansley allows the aura  and subtle bodies to be cleansed and energised. - Click Here






Sovereignty Year Meditations with Sue Lilly

These are a series of eight meditations linked to the solstices, equinoxes and quarter-days of the year.

They are also linked firmly into the Land through the personification of goddess energies.

There are Sovereignty Essences to go with each one (Click Here) and there is a small book with all the meditations written down (Click Here)

Samhain - 31st October - Morgan's Seat -  Click Here

Winter Solstice - 20/21st December - Ragnell's Pool -  Click Here

Imbolc - 1/2nd February - Dindraine's Well - Click Here

Spring Equinox - 20/21st March - Kundry's Dragons - Click Here

Beltane - 1st May - Guinevere's Bower - Click Here

Summer Solstice - 20/21st June - Enid's Glass - Click Here

Lammas - 1/2nd August - Igraine's Chamber - Click Here

Autumn Equinox - 23/24th September - Nimue's Bridge - Click Here

MCS Flower Essence Practitioner Course

Module 7 - Plant Spirit Healing - Drumming 1 : Click Here

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