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MCS Tree Seer Course

The Tree Seer Course is a home-study and correspondence course for those wishing to work with trees and tree spirits, to develop new skills and abilities.

Based on the Tree Seer Series by Simon and Sue Lilly, published by Capall Bann.

It offers a wide range of effective techniques within a flexible, modular framework.

Each module consists of a complete package of information and techniques and can be completed by email. There is no maximum time limit for you to complete each Module.


When it is time to move on, simply send payment for the next module.


Your main teachers will be the trees themselves, but we will award a Tree Seer Certificate on completion of Modules One to Four.


Tree Seer Modules;

Module One: "Establishing Roots"
Learning to recognise and connect with tree energies.

Module Two: "Tree Teachers"
Expanding the senses, introduction of the Tree Teacher Techniques.

Module Three: "Integration and Grounding"
Exploration of the Tree Teacher Techniques, Initiation (Yew)

Module Four: "Sound and Silence"
Silence, Breathing Light, Initiation (Elm)


Registration is £ 25, each Module costs £ 30.

Please look at Booking Conditions

You can pay and register online:

Or you can complete the application form: Course Application Form   and post to us.

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