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Sue Lilly
Cert. Ed., F.ICGT., QTLS.,BFVEA Tutor, NOCN Verifier/Moderator, CMBAPS (Astrology)
Between 1978 and 1993 Sue trained as yoga teacher, counsellor, colour therapist, crystal therapist, astrologer and Health Kinesiologist. She later qualified as a teacher and also has diplomas in Nutrition and Clinical/Creative Supervision & Mentoring.

Sue is the current Chair of the Crystal Therapy Council (CTC). She works closely with the energies of the Land and aims to keep her teaching and writing straightforward and concise to enable many people to have access to information and techniques that enable them to move towards developing their full potential.

Simon Lilly
MA Hons Fine Art (University of Edinburgh), F.ICGT
Simon trained as a Fine Artist and Sculptor and has always valued the power of visual and poetic/magical imagery to directly communicate with the unconscious mind. A major part of his work focused on helping people to become aware of tree energies in as many ways as possible. Green Man Tree Essences, The Tree Sprit Oracle, Tree Seer and The Tree Spirit Healing courses are all part of this process. He also works with crystals, runes, sound and shamanic techniques

Simon and Sue have been involved in many aspects of healing for nearly forty years.  hey have developed and produced Green Man Essences and their wide range of companion essences since 1991. They have a wide experience in teaching a range of subjects including Tree Spirit Healing, Essences, Crystal Therapy, Core Shamanic techniques, Astrology, etc. They also teach specialised courses when required or invited. Over the last twenty years they have written over 40 books.
Sue is a member of The British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association (BFVEA) and both belong to The British Association of Flower Essence Producers (BAFEP) and are Joint Chairs of the Japanese Crystal Healing Institute (JCHI)

They teach by module, mostly over Zoom.

Simon & Sue can be reached by email:

YouTube Channel:

Brian Parsons
M.B.A. (International) - Exeter University, M.A. (Scriptwriting)- Leeds Metropolitan University, B.A. Hons English & Drama (1st)- West London Institute of Higher Education, DTLLS., F.ICGT, NOCN Verifier/Moderator
Brian was drawn to the spiritual path from an early age, enjoying his first experience of real meditation at the age of nine, and he has explored a number of different meditation paths and personal development systems in the intervening years. When teaching, he is therefore able to draw upon a wide and diverse knowledge base to help his students achieve their true potential.

Brian can be reached through email:


YouTube Channel:

Michelle Hawkes
Michelle gained her ICGT Diploma in 1998 and PTLLS in 2014. She has also trained as a professional reflexology practitioner, masseur and colour therapist, and also currently works with one the UK's largest crystal retail outlets. When teaching, she is able to draw upon a wide range of life experiences.

Michelle can be reached through email:

Jill Edmundson
Courses include ICGT Crystal Therapy Certificate & Diploma, Indian Head Massage Certificate, Reiki (All levels), Swedish Body Massage Certificate,Reflexology Certificate and Stress Management Certificate. All Certificate course are accredited by the Complementary Medicine Association, allowing the trained therapist to be insured to practice professionally.
The Coach House also provides bespoke training in Stress Management for health care organisations and professionals.
Jill teaches the ICGT Certificate and Diploma courses in Preston.

Jill can be reached through email:

Jemma Dorset
PTLLS, MCS Flower Essence Dip. Tutor Mandala CS

Jemma has qualified at diploma level with both ICGT and Mandala CS. She has also trained as a professional Nutritional and Massage therapist (ITEC), BlueStone LaStone Therapist and flower essence practitioner. She specialises in the use of Preseli Bluestone as a healing tool. She also runs workshops and introductory courses under ICGT/Mandala CS and Mandala CS Flower Essence Practitioner modules. (near Dawlish, Devon)

Julie Lomas
BA (Hons)
Julie mentors and verifies for ICGT and MCS in The Middle East.

Website:Julie Lomas


Jane Jones


Jane Jones is based in Marldon, Devon and is a graduate Crystal Therapist & Empowerment facilitator for 'Creating a Space for Healing'.

Working with the strong connection of Earth Magic & bound by an ethical code, Jane hosts a variety of workshops providing individuals with a safe space & tools to empower themselves. In addition, Jane facilitates Earth Cycle festivals including Solstice & Equinox celebrations.

Email :

Facebook : Jane Jones - Creating a Space for Healing

Analise Parkins


Analise runs crystal and chakra workshops, the ICGT Certificate Course plus other topics of interest as CPD near St Helens.

FaceBook Page: Here

Hilary Hargreaves

Dip.ICGT (2002); F.ICGT(2017)

Founder and Principal of the School of Inner Light (established in 2002); Founder of the Angelic Multidimensional Healing system (established in 2009); writer, teacher and leader of workshops and courses that embrace spiritual growth, personal development, complementary therapies, healing and subtle energy work of many kinds; and author of 'Walking with Archangels' - the first in an on-going series of books based around working with archetypal energies for personal and spiritual growth and development.

Hilary and her husband Mark also own and run an on-line shop that sells their music and books, and a wide variety (1600+ products) of hand-selected crystals and minerals worldwide.


She can be reached through email:

Websites: (for courses and workshops)

           (for crystals, music and books)


Sue Bennison


MA (Social Work and Welfare Studies (University of Central Lancashire), BTEC Level 3 in Education and Training, Dip. ICGT.


Sue is based in Lancashire and originally trained as a nurse (RNMH). She later worked in Further and Higher education supporting students with course guidance and welfare issues. During this time, she gained qualifications in both counselling and advice and guidance.  She is a Reiki Master and currently runs a Crystal and Reiki therapy practice.


Sue can be contacted at


Website: Crystals and Healing in Preston Lancashire. Sunstone Crystal Healing


Facebook: Sunstone Crystal Healing | Facebook

Next Course:

The tutored sessions will be held on 5th February 2024, 24th March, 28th April, 19th May and 16th June. At The Garden Studio, Heapey, Chorley, Lancashire.  There will also be coursework to complete in your own time.

For more information and to book please contact Sue 07534 974650

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