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1. Book a slot with us for an agreed date and time.


Times: 11am, 2pm Tuesday to Thursday UK Time

              7-8pm on Thursdays UK time

              2pm on Saturday UK Time

2. Others may join in, but guaranteed to run as a 1-2-1 anyway.

3. Notes are provided and a CPD certificate of attendance, if required.


Cost of these is £25 for the hour, including PDF notes.


Payment via the shop: Here



Chakras - (mm1)Overview, plus multi-level correspondence for chakras

                    1,2 and 3 (Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus)

                 - (mm2) Multi-level correspondence for chakras 4,5,6,& 7

                 - (mm3) Chakras - Advanced - how the chakras work as an integrated

                    system, kundalini -  how it works

Clearing Subtle Bodies

                 - (mm4) crystal and essence techniques for the subtle bodies


Crystals - (mm5) using crystal techniques for back problems.

                    a selection of really useful techniques that anyone can use.

Dowsing - (mm6) from the beginning, using arcs, lists

Essences - (mm7) Choosing and using essences                   
                  Pros and cons for choosing options and techniques for using


Astrology - (mm8) Astrology and Health - The Signs of the Zodiac and their 

                   health correspondences

Astrology - (mm9) Astrology and Health - The Planets and their health



Astrology - (mm10) Astrology and Health - Aspects and Interactions and their

                    health correspondences, TCM Meridians shown in the chart, Houses.

Astrology - (mm11) Astrology and Health - Chart assessment - how to make

                  sense of it all

Tarot - (mm12) Tarot as a diagnostic tool for health.

             You need to have completed mm8 and mm9 to do this Mini-Module

Distant or Absent Assessment and Healing - (mm13)

             How to safely assess what someone needs from a distance and how to

            set up distace healing for someone.



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