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Flower Essence Practitioner Diploma Course

1999-2022 (Hellebore)


for students who have started their course before 1st May 2023.


The Modules:

Module 1.  - you will already have


Module 2. Working with Essences
Using essences with friends and family; Looking after your own energies; The BFVEA Code of Conduct; Dowsing; MYMOP Research; Dosage essences from the Focus Fix Essences range; Case History requirements.

Module 3. Chakras & Subtle Energies
Chakras; Visualisation and meditation techniques (mp3 audio on YouTube); Methods of making essences; Sovereignty Essences

Module 4. Meridians and Elements
Exploration of theories of the Chinese 5 Elements; Using essences and meridians; Self-testing techniques Historical uses of plants in healing; Forest Essences from Green Man Range and Australian Bush Combination Essences, Distant healing practice and uses, managing personal interactions.

Module 5. Anatomy and Physiology*
This is a course in its own right as a PDF. See Anatomy & Physiology

Tutored Topics - these topics are covered by sessions over SKYPE, messenger  or Zoom.

Module 6. Making Flower Essences* (T)
Practical of making flower essences; Assessment techniques, Discerning qualities of Essences.

Module 7. Plant Spirit Healing*(T)
Introduction to the concept and practice of Plant Spirit Healing - includes access to sonic driving (drumming) and essences to work with.

Module 8. Practice and Personal Energy Management*(T)

Recap of Code of Conduct from Module 2, running a practice, managing records (GDPR etc), Heath and Safety, Listening Skills, Looking after your own energy integrity.



£ 60 + 5P&P for each module 2-4

*Module 5 (A&P) costs £55 (PDF)

*Modules 6, 7 and 8 cost £75 each and are via Zoom, Messenger or SKYPE


* We accept prior learning in these



Tutored Topics (T)

These are offered via SKYPE or Zoom - with Sue Lilly,  are arranged on request ......please enquire -


Please look at Booking Conditions


You can pay and register online:

Or you can complete the application form: Course Application Form   and post to us.

This course meets the requirements for UK advanced professional practitioner according to the British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association (BFVEA)

Sue Lilly is registered with the BFVEA as a tutor member
This course is also endorsed by BAFEP, the British Association of Flower Essence Producers

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