Colour Therapy Practitioner Diploma


This course is not dependent on any particular commercial product but does explore some ideas underlying those products.

MCS is registered with the International Association of Colour, the International Wheel of Colour, and is a training member of the Affiliation of Colour Therapy Organisations.

The Course:

The diploma course divided into 13 modules. Each Module comes with an information book and workbook and can be completed by email.
The Anatomy & Physiology course (Module M) comes with an interactive CDROM.
A Diploma is awarded on completion of all modules.
MCS accept evidence of prior learning, especially for Anatomy & Physiology, Client Care and Health and Safety

Tutored Days There are tutored days offered each year in mid Wales.

This course was set at NOCN/NVQ level 3, so students will be expected to do some personal directed study and research.

The book 'Colour Healing/Power of Colour and Colour Healing' by Simon & Sue Lilly accompanies this course.

A. History of Colour
Traditional use of colour, History of use of colour in healing, Colour wheels, Colour Mixing

B. Everyday Colour
Colour in everyday use, Colour in the environment,

C. The Chakras and Subtle Bodies
Cultural and historical ideas about chakras, Chakras, Subtle Bodies

D. Colour Correspondences
Developing multi-level correspondences of colours

E.Assessment Techniques
Assessment and reflective techniques using colour, Personal Energy Integrity

F. 5-Elements and Visualisations
Visualisations, Crystals, 5-Elements and Meridians, Light, colour through colour-torches

G. Colour Tools
Essences, Shape, Pattern, Sound - all combined with colour

H. Modern Medicine and Colour
Mandalas, Light and the Body, Light in Modern Medicine

I. Self Healing
Self Healing, Colour and the Breath, Case Histories

J. General Science
The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Qualities of Light, Distant Healing

K. Client Care
Customer care general rules, Consultations, Keeping records, Contraindications, Data Protection Act, Sale of Goods Act 1979, Trades Description Act , Treating Children, Advertising, Personal safety

L. Health and Safety
Local Authority BYLAWS, Local Government ( miscellaneous provisions), Health & Safety at Work act Electricity at Work Regulation COSHH , Consumer Protection Act, now BERR Hygiene procedures, Reporting injuries regulations , First Aid Box, Fire Precautions Act,

M.Anatomy & Physiology

(This course stands in its own right)
SeeA&P level 2 and 3 ( either 35 or 110 hours equivalent)

Tutored Days or SKYPE tutorials
They are recommended as an extra for students as they cover all the practical skills from the course.
Tutored days are offered in mid Wales, subject to demand.

Available to all students.

Non ACHO/CTC practitioners

MCS provides tailored top-up or bridging courses to enable students from other colour therapy courses and other energy healing courses to enable them to meet the requirements of the MCS Colour Therapy Practitioner Diploma.

Initially MCS will ask the student to create a portfolio of any evidence of qualification and study to shadow the sections of the MCS Course

This will then be verified and any missing topics or evidence identified
(There will be a charge of £ 50 for this).
MCS has 2 trained Moderator/Verifiers

The student will the be offered the information, workbooks, tutored days, tutorials as necessary for them to complete the full requirements of the diploma.
The cost will depend on how much has to be provided

ACHO/CTC/MCS/ICGT Diploma Holders

For ACHO/CTC/ICGT practitioners & MCS Flower Essence Practitioners, these are offered as part of the tutored days each year.
Prior Learning is accepted for Modules C, E, I, K, L, M.
Modules A, B, F, G, H J can be done by distant learning.

The cost here would be £25 for registration and £30 per module.

Fees :
The Registration fee is £ 25.
The fee for module A is £ 35 + P&P
Modules B-L cost £ 30 + P&P each.
Module M (Anatomy and Physiology) costs £ 55- 120 + P&P depending on method of delivery
Each Module is released when the previous one is complete

Further Information and Printer-Friendly downloads:

Correspondence Application Form

ACHO/CTC Bridging Course Application Form

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